What is Magnetic Separation?

What Are Magnetic Separators?

Magnetic separators use basic magnetic principles to remove ferrous material from substances such as granules, grains, pellets, powders and paste. They are commonly installed within the product stream at key points.

Our magnetic separators make up an important part of protecting several different key manufacturing processes from potentially harmful and costly ferrous contamination.

How Does Magnetic Separation Work?  

Raw material or finished product will be fed either by gravity, pumped, air or conveyor belt in which it passes over or through a magnetic rod, grate, grid or plate.

The magnetic field from the magnetic separator captures ferrous contamination by attracting it while allowing non-magnetic clean products through the manufacturing process.

What Substances will Magnetic Separators Typically Protect?

Our magnetic separators are used across several industries which have the risk of ferrous particle contamination. Processes such as food, chemicals and pharmaceuticals in which safety is critical will use both primary and secondary separators to protect any liquids, powders or granules.

For example, products such as sugar, cereal, flour and starch.

Other industries such as recycling and construction will use primary separation in the manufacturing process of products such as cement, plastic or glass recycling.

Where are Magnetic Separators be Installed?

Magnetic separators are ideal for several installation points along with gravity, pumped, free-fall or conveyor belt processing lines. The most common points of installation include a raw materials intake, mid-production at HACCP points and protecting finished product at the end of the process.

Different Types of Magnetic Separators

There are various types of magnetic separators available, choosing the correct separator is dependent on the feed method and substance being fed through. Separators are commonly split into two groups primary and secondary magnetic separators.

Primary separators are used to prevent damage to machinery by removing larger contamination including nails, bolts or screws whereas secondary separators are installed to guarantee product purity and quality by removing finer and smaller ferrous contamination.

Eddy Current Separator
Eddy Current Separator
Easy Clean Grid
Housed Grid Magnetic Separator
Conveyor Overband Separator
Conveyor Overband Separator
Magnetic Separator
Bullet Magnetic Separator
Magnetic Plate Separator
Magnetic Plates

Do you require a magnetic separator for your industrial application?

Be sure to source your magnetic separators from a reliable manufacturer and supplier and understand the magnetic materials used in them and their capacity.

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