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Separation & Detection Systems

Industries such as oil, plastics, recycling, grain, milling and more all utilise process machinery for their operation. Throughout the processing line, foreign ferrous debris develops, contaminating the product flow. 

Separation and detection systems are designed to attract and filter ferrous contamination utilising high-power magnets, preventing damage to machinery in the most economical and cost-effective manner.

When installed, separation and detection systems protect processing equipment, preventing costly repairs and ensure product flow such as plastics, dry powders, granules and liquids remain free of contaminants, ensuring the highest quality product is produced.

Magnet Expert's range of separation and detection systems are fully customisable to meet your specifications, ensuring for the most effective processing lines. Speak with our team of technical experts to discuss your requirements.


Efficient Removal Of Foreign Contaminants In Products & Processing Equipment

Magnet Expert separation and detection systems prolong the life of processing equipment, ensuring that machinery is free of ferrous contaminants, which are not effectively extracted with traditional methods. There is a risk of contamination at every stage of a processing line and magnets play a vital role in keeping lines contaminant-free, protecting consumers and brands alike.

Improved process productivity

Machine downtime is reduced through an efficient product flow, leading to increased productivity.

Safer processing environment

Removal of ferrous contaminants ensures machinery operates safely, minimising risk of damage.

Increased product quality

With cleaner processing lines, products remain contaminant free ensuring the highest quality.

Industry compatible

Industries such as oil, plastics, recycling, grain, milling and more all utilise process machinery for their operation.

Explore Our Separation & Detection Systems

Our comprehensive range of magnetic separation and detection equipment includes magnetic grids, bullets, eddy current and conveyor separators, and plat separators.

Seed Magnetic Separators (Bullet)

Seed Magnetic Separator


Conveyor Overband Separator

Conveyor Overband Separator


Housed Grid Magnetic Separator

Housed Easy Clean Grid Separator


Eddy Current Separators

Eddy Current Separator


Magnetic Plate Separators

Magnetic Plate Separator


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