What Are The Benefits of Magnetic Filtration

Magnet Expert magnetic filtration systems can significantly prolong equipment’s life span by removing almost 100% of ferrous contamination compared to traditional coolant filters that may typically leave ferrous particles smaller than 5-10 microns circulating in the fluid.

With contaminant-free processing lines, processes remain efficient and more economical with less machine downtime and maintenance required.

Our systems can be fully customised to your specifications, ensuring the most efficient method of filtration alongside a wealth of benefits to your process.

Pipeline Filter Magnets

Food Industry Grade Stainless Steel Magnetic Filter Rod – 12000 Gauss

Reduce Waste

All ferrous waste collected by a magnetic filter can be recycled, helping reduce the costs of specialist disposal services costs.

24/7 Operation

Automated magnetic filters are ideal for large volume processes, after being set up they can run automatically and don’t require stoppages or downtimes.

Reduce consumable filter costs

Our high-quality systems can replace consumable filters, and thanks to their performance there is no need to constantly replace consumable media filters.

Minimise Running Costs

Magnetic filters that are manually cleaned will require no additional power or consumable parts in the day-to-day operation. However, automated cleaning versions require small amounts of power but no other consumable parts.

Reduce Replacement Cycle Time

Magnetic filters can reduce replacement cycle times thanks to their ability to enable sub-micron performance, as other filters can strip fluids of their anti-foaming or an-bacterial properties.

Minimal Fluid Loss

A significant amount of fluid is lost during the disposal of traditional media filters. With magnetic filters, however, contamination is removed from the filter as a semi-dry cake, meaning that virtually all the residue fluid can be recovered.

Do you require magnetic filtration for your industrial application?

Be sure to source your magnetic filters from a reliable manufacturer and supplier and understand the magnetic materials used in them and their capacity.

Here at Magnet Expert, we welcome any enquiry about magnets and their applications, contact us today on 0845 519 4701 or please feel free to email us at sales@magnetexpert.com.

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