How To Use Magnetic Separators and Filters In Food Processing

Magnet Experts provides magnetic separation and filtration products such as grates and rods, that are designed to withstand the gravity-fed through conveyors and chutes, especially within the food processing and production industry.  

Magnetic separation and filtration are utilised in the food processing industry where metal fragments or raw materials are left. All metal fragments pose a threat to consumers and processing equipment.

Magnetic filters and separators are commonly used in the food industry as manufacturers want to avoid any costly maintenance or repairs to their processing equipment or any product recalls.

Magnets for Food Processing

Here at Magnet Expert, we recommend several different types and sizes of magnetic separators and filters to food processing businesses depending on their exact application.

Three products commonly used and seen within the food production process are Magnetic Plates, Food Industry Grade Easy Clean Stainless Steel Magnetic Separator Grids, and Food Industry Grade Stainless Steel Magnetic Filter Rods.

Magnetic Plates

Our range of Magnetic Plates provides a cost-effective solution for separating ‘tramp’ iron contamination, ensuring a contaminant-free product. Easily suspended over conveyors with eyebolts or positioned within chutes, Magnetic Plates offer a versatile solution for any manufacturing or processing plant.

Constructed with either Ferrite or Neodymium magnetic material within a stainless-steel frame, Magnetic Plates offer superior magnetic performance, attracting and holding ferrous contaminants directly to the face. As a result, they are virtually maintenance-free.

To clean the unit, simply remove the Magnetic Plate away from the process line and manually remove any ferrous contaminants that are present.

Magnetic Plates

Magnetic Separator Grids

Magnetic separator grids are used for the continuous removal of ferrous debris, ensuring product purity and subsequently protecting the processing equipment downstream which otherwise may be damaged causing costly repairs.

Made from rare earth magnets; strongest and most effective at attracting even the smallest particles of ferrous material.

To ensure optimum performance, clean the magnetic tubes periodically. The Magnetic Separator Grid comes with an easy clean function, which allows you to remove the magnets from the stainless-steel rods. By doing this, you can remove the captured ferrous materials from the rods quickly and easily. Once they are clean, simply add the magnets back to the steel rods.

The separator grids are available with various rod rows and can be stacked for additional protection against contamination.

Food Industry Grade Stainless Steel Magnetic Separator Grid
Food Industry Grade Stainless Steel Magnetic Separator Grid

Magnetic Filter Rod

Our Food Industry Grade Stainless Steel Magnetic Filter Rods are designed for low-cost prevention of ferrous material contamination for most industries using powerful magnets to attract and capture ferrous debris.

Benefits of Magnetic Filter Rods

  • 12,000 Gauss.
  • 25mm diameter x 50mm length.
  • +/-0.1mm tolerance.
  • Neodymium N42 magnets are encased in stainless steel.
  • M8 thread, 10mm deep at each end.
  • Easy installation.
  • Custom design and manufacturing are available.
food industry grade stainless steel magnetic filter rod
Food Industry Grade Stainless Steel Magnetic Filter Rods

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