How To Operate Lifting Magnets Safely

Lifting magnets have become increasingly popular in several industries to perform everyday operations such as lifting, loading, transporting, and unloading. Lifting magnets need to be powerful with a good weight-bearing capacity and will require an on-and-off feature, they are made of specific magnetic materials including iron alloys with precise configurations.

These lifting solutions are used to ease the job of workers by removing the need to manually pick up and transport heavy materials. However, there are operational rules for lifting magnets that must be followed.

All workers operating the lifting magnet must be aware of all safety precautions.

Take a look at our eight safety tips below.

1 – Read Instructions

It’s important to ensure that before operating the lifting magnet employees have read and understood all the instructions from the manufacturer’s manual.

2 – Place Warning Labels Around The Magnet

Lifting magnets should have warning labels with them upon arrival. It’s important to place strong magnet warning labels next to the area in which the magnet is being used. They will caution the workers operating the lifting magnet.

3 – Remove Substances Affected by Magnets

It’s crucial to remove any substances that may be affected by the magnet from the operational area, such as nickel, cobalt, iron, and some alloys of rare-earth metals.

4 – Wear Protective Gloves

Common injuries which occur when using lifting magnets include tapped, crushed, or pinched fingers. Wearing protective gloves can help keep the operator as safe as possible.

5 -Wear Protective Goggles

Protecting eyesight and hence wearing protective goggles is important. In the event that two magnets accidentally collide, they can cause damage to each other by chipping and breaking, which could affect the operator’s eyesight.

6 – Beware of Medical Devices

Workers with medical devices such as aneurysm clips or pacemakers should keep away from the operational area of lifting magnets, as their medical devices can be affected by strong magnetic fields.

7 – Never Stand Below a Load

An important safety rule for workers is to never stand below any lifting device carrying a load, standing under a load increases the chances of serious injury from a falling load.

A split-second power spike may be enough to cause serious injury to workers when the load released.

8 – Keep Electronic Devices Away from the Lifting Magnet

One precaution when operating a lifting magnet is keeping away electronic devices, especially mobile phones, away from the lifting magnet. Strong magnets can eliminate data from magnetic storage devices used in phones, computers, hard drives, flash drives, and more.

Do You Require a Lifting Magnet?

Be sure to source your lifting magnets from a reliable manufacturer and supplier and understand the magnetic materials used in them and their capacity.

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