Everything You Need To Know About Electromagnets

Electromagnets use electricity to generate a magnetic flux, an electromagnet’s magnetic output can be easily adjusted by changing the amount of electricity flowing through them.

Their poles can also be reversed by reversing the electricity flow by changing the direction of the electric current.

Electromagnets will typically have an iron core, adding an iron core to a solenoid increases its magnetic field strength.

When current flows through the coil around the iron core a magnetic field is created, as long as the current is running the magnetic properties remain, but as soon as the current stops, the magnetism is lost.

Advantages of Electromagnets

There are many advantages to using electromagnets over permanent magnets. For example:

High Clamping Force

Electromagnets provide considerable clamping force to ensure secure holding whilst in operation. The strong nickel plating aids with maintaining performance in demanding applications without being damaged.

Easy On-Off Operation

Electromagnets are versatile in that they can be easily turned on and off due to the requirement of a current needing to be applied for the electromagnet to operate. This versatility increases energy efficiency as handling times are significantly reduced.

Remote Operation

As electromagnets perform through a current, they can be operated remotely ensuring maximum safety and reducing operational risk.

Versatile Mounting

With multiple mounting sizes available, electromagnets can easily be used with many assembly arrangements for a wide range of applications.

Common Applications of Electromagnets

Electromagnets are used in a wide range of applications, including large-scale industrial machinery to miniature electronic components, and electromagnets are often used in scientific research and experiments

Electromagnets can also be found in day-to-day life within electric cars, speakers, and several household appliances from refrigerators to vacuum cleaners and many more.

Vacuum Cleaner
Electric Car Charging

Custom Manufacturing

If you require a custom size or strength energise to hold or release an electromagnet, we can custom manufacture to suit your requirements.

For any further information regarding custom manufacturing, contact our sales team to discuss your specifications on 0845 519 4701 or by email atsales@magnetexpert.com.

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