How Magnetic Filtration Works

Magnetic filtration allows fluids to flow around a magnetic core or rod, with the high-power neodymium magnets attracting any ferrous particles and removing them from the machine’s fluids, clean fluids are then returned to the machine which prevents costly repairs and extends the life of the equipment. 

Better yet magnetic filters can simply be cleaned and reused when they become full.

How Do Magnetic Filters Work?

Magnetic filters work through the use of high-intensity filter magnets. The filter system is then installed within the manufacturing process of the liquid.

The flow is directed around the magnetic field created by high-intensity filter magnets, catching and filtering out any ferrous particles in a magnetic trap. The filter can then be removed, cleaned, and reused.

High-Intensity Neodymium Magnets

Each of our magnetic filters features our high-quality neodymium magnets which are more than capable of attracting almost all ferrous contamination, including ultra-fine particles. The magnetic core creates a magnetic field pattern ensuring that the filters do not block, even in high-contamination applications.

Filtration with no Blocking or Blinding

Traditional barrier filters are usually constrained by their pore size, as too large a space the contaminant will continue to circulate, and a smaller space will be blocked easily.

Cleaning Magnetic Filters

Cleaning our magnetic filters is an easy and simple process, the magnetic cores can be easily removed and scraped clean with a simple cleaning tool.

Do you require a magnetic filtration system for your industrial application?

Be sure to source your magnetic filtration system from a reliable manufacturer and supplier and understand the magnetic materials used in them and their capacity.

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