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Magnetic Filtration Systems

Process machinery required to produce wet or viscous products generate waste containing fine iron particles and contaminants, which in turn can adversely cause damage to pumps, slides and internal parts, all affecting the quality of finished product.

Whilst cleaner coolants and lubricant liquids can help maintain the condition of processing machinery, these coolants and fluids can eventually build up dirt, leading to wear to machinery. As a result, this can affect the quality of the finished product, leading to waste and less efficient processing lines.

Conventional filters within processing lines can also become damaged and must be replaced regularly, and may struggle to effectively remove fine metal particles. Effective filtration is therefore paramount in all modern manufacturing environments, preventing damage, reducing maintenance and increasing product quality.

Magnet Expert's range of magnetic filtration systems are designed to remove fine particles utilising high-intensity magnets that easily attract and remove the smallest of ferrous contaminants. Our systems can be fully customised to your specifications, ensuring for the most efficient method of filtration.


High Quality, Efficient & Economical Magnetic Filtration Systems

Magnet Expert magnetic filtration systems can significantly prolong equipment’s life span by removing almost 100% of ferrous contamination compared to traditional coolant filters that may typically leave ferrous particles smaller than 5-10 microns circulating in the fluid. With contaminant free processing lines, processes remain efficient and more economical with less machine downtime and maintenance required. 

Enhanced process productivity

Breakdowns, wear & machine downtime in processing lines is reduced.

Improved health & safety

With contaminant free processing lines, bacterial growth is minimised.

Environmentally friendly

Filter waste and fluid disposal is reduced allowing for ferrous waste to be recycled.

Reduce consumable filter costs

Through our high quality systems, there is no need to replace consumable media filters.

Increased product quality

With cleaner fluids in processing lines, product quality remains to the highest level.

Extended fluid & coolant life

Through filtering ferrous contaminants, costs are reduced and fluid disposal decreases.

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Pipeline Filter Magnets


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