What Are Lifting Magnets?

What Are Lifting Magnets?

A lifting magnet is a type of permanent magnet designed to produce a strong magnetic field in order to be used in applications in several industries where lifting large heavy ferrous objects is required.

Lifting magnets will consist of a block with the main body and a rotor, it’ll contain two magnets in the main body and rotor each.

These two magnets, when positioned in the same direction, will produce magnetic flux to lift ferrous objects and when the direction of the magnets is changed the load will be released as there is no magnetic pull.

One crucial point is that the adhesion of objects to the magnet should be tight without any air trapped in between.

Are Permanent Lifting Magnets Different from Electro-Permanent Lifting Magnets?

Switchable Lifting Magnet

Permanent lifting magnets are different from Electro-permanent lifting magnets.

Electro-permanent lifting magnets have an electric coil wound around the magnets that passes the electric current switch on the magnet. The electric current is used to switch the magnet on and off and is disconnected later.

Benefits of Permanent Lifting Magnets

The main benefit of permanent lifting magnets is their ability to be used in several industries, however, there are other benefits of using a lifting magnet:

  • No safety issues if all proper steps are followed by the operator.
  • Cost-effective as they do not require any expensive infrastructure.
  • Durable and low maintenance magnets.
  • Operated manually and easy to use, no extensive training required.

Steps to Operate a Lifting Magnet

Our lifting magnets are operated manually and are easy to use to lift and release loads across several industries. Here are some of the steps the operator has to carry out when operating a lifting magnet:

  1. Adjusting the magnet to the required position and moving away for safety reasons.
  2. Switch the ‘ON’ button to generate electromagnetic energy from the magnet in the rotor to the magnet in the main body, this is then transferred to the object which needs to be lifted. This enables the object to be attracted towards the magnet and then lifted.
  3. Move the load towards its destination.
  4. Press the ‘OFF’ button so that the magnetic flux stops, and the load can be released in the right place.

Do you require a lifting magnet for your industrial application?

Be sure to source your lifting magnets from a reliable manufacturer and supplier and understand the magnetic materials used in them and their capacity.

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