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Magnetic Seperation 11/04/2022

Frequently Asked Questions

At Magnet Expert, we believe in sharing our knowledge of and passion for magnets, here you will find the information directly from our team of experts covering the questions we are frequently asked.

food industry grade stainless steel magnetic filter rod 04/04/2022

What Are The Benefits of Using Magnetic Filtration?

Magnet Expert magnetic filtration systems can significantly prolong equipment’s life span by removing almost 100% of ferrous contamination compared to traditional coolant filters that may typically leave ferrous particles smaller than 5-10 microns circulating in the fluid.

High switchable lifting magnet 24/02/2022

What Are Lifting Magnets?

A lifting magnet is a type of permanent magnet designed to produce a strong magnetic field in order to be used in applications in several industries where lifting large heavy ferrous objects is required.

Magnetic Filtration 24/02/2022

What is Magnetic Filtration?

Magnetic filtration removes iron particles from liquids, slurries and other products during the manufacturing stage of production. Magnetic filters make this method of filtration simple, easy and effective. Better yet magnetic filters can simply be cleaned and reused when they become full.

Magnetic Seperator 24/02/2022

What is Magnetic Separation?

Magnetic separators use basic magnetic principles to remove ferrous material from substances such as granules, grains, pellets, powders and paste. They are commonly installed within the product stream at key points.