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Offering unsurpassed levels of contamination removal, removing sub-micron ferrous and para-magnetic contamination from the most demanding and arduous of process environments. Our magnetic metal separator units contain one high intensity easy clean magnetic grid or grate.

The grid is secured into the housing by tri-cone locking nuts, ensuring even pressure is generated around the food grade seal.

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It is common to have many of these units installed throughout a processing facility in order to ensure contamination is removed at the source of generation. All dry powders and granular type materials can be processed through the unit. Electrical safety interlocks can be fitted to the grid to stop the process should it be accidentally opened.

When the unit requires cleaning, simply remove the outer grid or grate securing tri-cone locking nuts and remove the grid from the housing. Remove the central tri-cone locking nut and separate the grid assembly, allowing all attracted contamination to simply fall away.

Also available for double, triple and quadruple housed easy clean grid magnets to increase high level of contamination removal.

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