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Magnetic Sweepers Separation & Filtration

Magnetic Sweepers

Our versatile range of Neodymium and Ferrite sweepers are the perfect tool for sweeping areastoclear ferrous debris such as loose screws, nuts, bolts and metal shavings, avoiding stress, injury andcostof replacing stock due to damage. Shop the range below.

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Our wide range of Neodymium and Ferrite handheldanmountable sweepers provide an effective method of collecting loose ferrous loads in a variety of environments.

Whether you are looking for handheld or remote operation, our versatile range offers many solutions for sweeping loose ferrous items, avoiding injury, stress, time and cost of replacing items due to damage, saving you thousands of pounds.

With a wide range of sizes and options of forklift mountable or hand held sweepers, clearing areas of ferrous items has never been easier.