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Creating a new product from concept through to delivery is a labour of love, but a journey that carries many ups and downs. At Magnet Expert, we get excited by new products and over the years we have helped many inventors, entrepreneurs and product design agencies bring their ideas or their client’s ideas to life.

We’re often approached by product designers who know that they need or want a magnet to fulfil a certain function in their fledgling product, but aren’t sure whether it is technically possible to achieve what they wish to with a permanent magnet. That is where our experts can help; we see ourselves as a partner in your creative journey and, we love a challenge!

If you have an idea you would like to discuss with us, contact us today; whether you are looking for a few magnets from our extensive catalogue to begin building your first prototype or whether you need a bespoke, custom-made solution to give your product that competitive advantage you can rely on the same attention to detail from our experts. Within the right application, magnets can do so much.

We understand the sensitivities involved when creating a new product, and if the world isn’t quite ready to accept your creation we are of course happy to sign non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements so you can rest assured that your creative secrets will stay between us. 

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