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Without magnetism, there would be no electricity and as the world’s demand for power is ever increasing, permanent magnet technology has to keep pace. At Magnet Expert, we don’t just understand the vital role of magnets in the power generation and renewable energy sector, we drive it.

Our experts are able to provide advice on the design and application of permanent magnets in generator and motor design to enable you to deliver the most efficient, commercially viable energy solutions. Our high-performance permanent magnets can help reduce cost, weight and size while increasing the output and operational life of your power generation systems.

At Magnet Expert, we hold stocks of hundreds of sizes of rare earth and ferrite magnets, which are used in power generation applications and can be supplied in bulk the next working day. If you are looking for a partner who can offer the flexibility afforded by a bespoke solution then seek the advice of our experts who will be happy to share their specialist knowledge nurtured by helping hundreds of companies at the forefront of the energy industry.

From discussion to delivery, at Magnet Expert, we will be able to supply you with specially designed magnetic assemblies in just a few weeks.

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