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Of all the industries which rely on magnets and magnetic solutions, the oil and gas industry presents the most challenging environments and some of the most demanding applications. Despite this, at Magnet Expert, we relish the challenge and consider that our products are trusted by on and offshore oil and gas companies as a mark of the quality of our magnets.

Applications such as sensors, drives, couplings and separation and filtration tools all use magnetic fields but require magnets to operate in high-temperature and highly corrosive conditions. If you have an application that requires magnets, then speak to our experts today who will be happy to assist.

At Magnet Expert, we have supplied magnets with the physical strength to remove broken drilling tools from deep wells and the finesse for use in magnetic flux leakage pipeline inspection systems. A major challenge of the industry is swarf handling - to keep drills, pipelines and other machinery running at the maximum possible efficiency and to increase operational life, ferrous contaminants need to be collected and removed.

This is typically done by ditch magnets or inline magnetic tube separators. With our custom design capability we are able to work with you to create a solution that fits all your current and future drilling operations, simply contact us today.


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