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Our magnets play a key role in the automotive supply chain starting with the concept development process for a new model, throughout assembly and culminating with that unforgettable new car feeling experienced by your customer.

Trusted by household names such as Bentley, Mercedes, Toyota, Honda, Caterpillar, JCB and many more you will find our magnets reliably incorporated into finished vehicles and playing key roles in automated assembly lines.

During assembly, magnets hold, clamp and lift components safely as they are machined and moved from stage to stage. While in finished vehicles you will find our magnets providing vital functions in switching, sensing and safety features. Even something as simple as the opening and shutting of a glovebox can be improved with our magnets.

Our experts with their vast knowledge of magnetics and magnetic materials and assemblies are available to help you find the most elegant solution to your problem whether it’s identifying a heavy duty assembly to improve the efficiency of your production facility or providing the subtle finesse of a tiny magnet with the required performance for sensing the drivers' next move, our experts will help you every step of the way.