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Magnetic Separation Magnet Materials & Standard Assemblies

Magnetic Separation

Separation magnets are designed for removal of ferrous debris, ensuring products are correctly filtered and free of contaminants, subsequently avoiding costly repairs by protecting processing equipment and the end consumer.

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Magnets are used in magnetic separation systems which remove ferrous contamination from free flowing dry products such as granulated plastics, sugar, tea and various chemicals. There is a risk of contamination at every stage of a processing line and magnets play a vital role in keeping lines contaminant free, protecting consumers and brands alike. Our high performance filter rods are sealed in welded and polished 316 stainless steel, making them suitable for food applications. They can be used individually or several can be held at 50mm centres between two stainless steel side plates to create a magnetic grid, while ferrite block magnets are used in the construction of overhead and underflow plate magnets.

If you have a magnetic separation enquiry, give us a call today for free advice with any ferrous contamination problem and one of our technical team will be happy to help.