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Ceramic magnets, also known as ferrite magnets, are permanent magnets made from a composite of iron oxide and barium or strontium carbonate. Ceramic magnets have a relatively low magnetic energy compared to some other types of permanent magnets, such as neodymium magnets. However, ceramic magnets are still able to provide a strong magnetic field and are often used in motors and generators and a variety of other industrial applications due to their tolerance to high temperatures.

Ceramic magnets are a great cost-effective, and durable choice for crafts, hobbies, or any application that requires a strong magnet resistant to demagnetization. Learn more about ceramic magnets here!

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A type of permanent magnet, ferrite magnets are characterised by their dark grey colour and their smooth finish. They are also known as ceramic magnets as they are made from a ceramic compound containing iron oxide combined chemically with either strontium (SrO·6Fe2O3) or barium (BaO·6Fe2O3) most commonly. Although cobalt (CoO·Fe2O3) is sometimes used also.

Although incomparable to rare earth magnets in terms of strength, ferrite magnets are inexpensive giving them a good balance between strength and price. Their price is the main reason they are the most commonly used magnet for low level applications with large production runs.

Strontium ferrite magnets are the most commonly used due to their better magnetic performance  compared to barium ferrite and at Magnet Expert, our stock range is strontium ferrite. However, we are able to manufacture barium ferrite to order.