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Self-Adhesive Fixings and Adhesives


Self-adhesive magnets combine the versatility of a magnet with the effective fixing of premium self-adhesive. Create a magnetic fixing point by adhering the magnet to various surfaces in the office, garage or around the home, to instantly pin-up photos, office documents and even tools!

Product Code: NFA5(3M)
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This range of magnets includes strong neodymium magnets, great value ferrite magnets and flexible magnetic sheets and tapes all with convenient self-adhesive backs

The 'hard' magnets in this category are all available with either pole on the magnetic face. If the magnet is sticking to a steel surface, you can use either a north or south pole magnet as they are both as strong as each other. All of our self-adhesive neodymium magnets are supplied with premium 3M 468 adhesive.

If you want to use two of these to stick to each other you need to use a north pole and a south pole magnet so that they attract each other (otherwise they will repel).

The flexible magnets in this section are UV coated and have a striped magnetic field to provide a secure grip. Our self-adhesive flexible magnetic tapes are supplied with Tesa 4965 adhesive while our flexible magnetic sheets that are labelled as having 3M adhesive are supplied with 3M 9448 adhesive.

These magnets are available in small DIY packs and also in Industrial bulk packs for the printing and display industries.