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At first4magnets.com we have helped thousands of customers in the UK and across Europe by providing custom-made magnetic assemblies for their applications.

Our products are trusted by blue chip companies, industry leaders and the biggest public sector organisations alike; Sky, Vodafone, Barclays, Disney and the NHS are a few of the many prestigious customers we have helped.

We get approached hundreds of times a week from people and businesses who require a magnetic solution to their problem and just when we think we have seen every possible application we are presented with a new challenge.

Some of the more unique requests for bespoke magnets include recovery magnets to be used in deep water-well drilling, circular disc magnets for 3D laser imaging and clamping magnets for use on subsea remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).

Whatever the application, our team of expert technicians will discuss your requirements with you in full with a view to understanding your application inside and out (we will offer guidance where requested) before we proceed to manufacture the product to your desired specifications. We see each bespoke requirement as a challenge and our technicians love nothing more than a challenge!

If you would like to discuss complex, specialist requirements we normally request a technical drawing or sketch (preferably CAD). You are welcome to send your technical sketch/drawing to sales@first4magnets.com. If you would prefer to speak to one of our technicians directly, please contact us on 0845 519 4701.

If you simply require a bespoke size of a standard shape, feel free to use our 'Custom Magnet Request Form' below:-

Custom Magnet Request Form