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Countersunk Hole Magnets

Magnets with a countersunk hole are ideal for furniture fixings, securing artwork to the wall, and door catches. Their design allows users to screw them in place easily, providing you with a magnetic point to attract to or repel from in no time at all, with either pole available on the magnetic face.

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Countersunk magnets are available with either pole on the magnetic face so that they can be used as a pair to attract or repel. If you are using two magnets to attract you need to make sure the opposite poles are facing each other as identical poles will repel! Some of their uses include:

Cabinet making - Typically you’ll find countersunk magnets used as invisible closing mechanisms and soft drawer closures.

DIY - Neodymium magnets can be used to create gate latches, holding doors open and closed, fixing bath panels and creating removable access panels.

Shop fitting – Magnets are often used in shelving and lighting systems, screens, window displays and signage.

Regular countersunk magnets are the only suitable choice if you need magnets to work through a gap, while countersunk pot magnets work best when clamped directly against a steel surface