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At Magnet Expert we supply the full spectrum of permanent magnetic materials (neodymium, samarium cobalt, ferrite, alnico, flexible) in all commercially available grades with our guarantee that our magnets and magnetic assemblies are only manufactured from the highest quality responsibly sourced materials.

We produce our stock range of magnets in bulk so we are able to offer the most competitive prices in the industry and with 20,000,000 magnets in stock we are capable of fulfilling even the most urgent of requests. At our Nottinghamshire dispatch centre, we employ a state-of-the-art stock management system that ensures we very rarely run out of stock and enables our dedicated team of dispatchers to process and send any order placed before 4pm Monday to Friday the very same day.

We never compromise on quality and all our products are performance tested using computer-controlled calibrated equipment. The system accurately measures the weight a magnet can hold when pulled vertically and the amount of pull a magnet can exert when there is a gap or non-magnetic material between the magnet and the material it is applied to attract. From this data, our engineers produce a detailed analysis of each and every magnet to ensure we always suggest the right solution for the application.

On top of our testing capabilities, we boast on-site engineers with full CAD design capability for the design and production of prototypes and bespoke assemblies. So, if our expert team can’t find the ideal solution from our extensive stock range we will work with your designers and engineers to create a custom magnetic solution to meet your exact requirements.

Pull test machine testing repulsion force of two neodymium magnets