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Self-Cleaning Suspended Conveyor Overband Separator

Suspended Conveyor Overband magnetic separators provide and efficient method of removing ferrous metals from bulk material utilising a deep magnetic field.

  • Deep magnetic coil designed to penetrate heavy products
  • Stainless Steel belt ensures secure protection
  • Automatically discharges ferrous metal meaning no cleaning required
  • Multiple sizes and models are available



Efficient Removal Of Ferrous Metals

Suspender Conveyor Separators are designed to effectively remove ferrous metals from material transport flows, ensuring processing equipment is free of 'tramp' metals. Operated through electromagnets, the deep-reaching coil design effectively penetrates all ferrous contaminants to ensure a clean processing line. 

The belt is designed with self-discharge, allowing for automatic removal of ferrous content and preventing the need to manually clean.

Suspended Conveyor Separators can be installed in either a Cross Belt Position where the Separator is perpendicular to the material transport flow or in an Inline Position parallel above the material transport flow. 

Sizes Available:

1780 x 800 x 705mm

3200 x 1733 x 835mm

4200 x 2810 x 1050mm



Ideal for conveyable products such as wood chip, biomass, recyclables etc.

Easily installed above transfer conveyors, vibratory feeder outlets etc



Self-discharge prevents the need for manual cleaning

Continuous attraction and removal of ferrous metals

Can remove large and medium sized contamination

Installation leads to issue-free operation of process lines 



FramePowder coated mild steel
RollersMild steel
BeltingVulcanised rubber with ultrasonically welded cleats
Lifting PointsGalvanised forged steel eyes


Our Self-cleaning Suspended Conveyor Overband Separator are fully customisable to meet your requirements, please contact our team today to discuss your specifications.

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