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Magnetic Plates

Magnetic plates offer an easy to install and cost-effective solution for removing ferrous contaminants in a wide range of processing lines

  • Separates ferrous contaminants from processing line
  • Constructed with high quality magnetic material within stainless steel frame
  • Designed with mounting holes for easy installation
  • Available in 9 sizes
  • Ferrite or Neodymium options available



Versatile Installation For Processing Lines

Our range of Magnetic Plates provide a cost-effective solution for separating 'tramp' iron contamination, ensuring for a contaminant free product. Easily suspended over conveyors with eyebolts or positioned within chutes, Magnetic Plates offer a versatile solution for any manufacturing or processing plant.

Constructed with either Ferrite or Neodymium magnetic material within a stainless steel frame, Magnetic Plates offer superior magnetic performance, attracting and holding ferrous contaminants directly to the face. As a result, they are virtually maintenance-free.

To clean the unit, simply remove the Magnetic Plate away from the process line and manually remove any ferrous contaminants that are present.



Food processing plants

Recycling plants

Glass plants




Easily installed by suspending over existing processing lines or within chutes.

Cost-effective solution for removing 'tramp' iron contaminants.

Reduces risk to other machinery further down processing line.

Virtually no maintenance required with easy cleaning 



Magnetic MaterialFerrite / Neodymium Iron Boron
Housing316 Grade Stainless Steel
Mounting4 Mounting Holes For Eyebolts
Surface FinishBrushed

Our Magnetic Plates are fully customisable to meet your requirements, please contact our team today to discuss your specifications.

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