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Housed Easy Clean Grid Magnetic Separator

Inline magnetic separator used in gravity feed chutes for effective removal of ferrous contaminants within the most demanding process environments.

  • Separates ferrous contaminants from processing line
  • Constructed with high-intensity magnets
  • Ideal for gravity fed dry powders or granulate
  • Easily installed into existing gravity feed chutes
  • Fully customisable sizing
  • Single and double row housings available



Effective Separation & Removal

Our Housed Easy Clean Grid Magnetic Separator offers superior levels of contamination removal, removing sub-micron ferrous and para-magnetic contamination such as fine-iron particles from process lines, ensuring for contaminant free product, and protecting machinery further down the processing line.

Our double housed magnetic separator units contain two, high-intensity easy clean magnetic grids that are alternated to ensure for maximum efficiency for collecting ferrous contaminants. It is common-place to have multiple separator units installed throughout a processing line to ensure ferrous contaminants are effectively removed at source. 

To clean the unit, simply remove the grids from within the housing. In order to dispose of the ferrous contaminants, remove the locking nuts and separate the grid assembly. This will allow the attracted contaminants to fall away.



Ideal for magnetic separation of dry powders and granulates.

Easily installed at inlet/outlet points, machinery points, pre-silo or post-silo.



High-intensity rare earth magnets provide high collection capacity of ferrous contaminants.

Grids and housing are easy to clean, ensuring for maximum performance.

When installed, it reduces risk of damage to machinery further down the process line.

Effective removal of micron-sized contaminants.



Magnetic MaterialRare Earth Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB)
Housing316 Grade Stainless Steel
Tubing316 Grade Stainless Steel
SealingSelf-adhered White Foam
Locking NutsStainless Steel
Surface FinishPolished Internally/ Brushed Externally

Our Easy Clean Magnetic Separators are fully customisable to meet your requirements, please contact our team today to discuss your specifications.

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