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Eddy Current Separators

Our Eddy Current Separators repel non-ferrous metals utilising magnetic force, enabling separation from non-conductive materials. Through this design and technology, our customers can achieve the cleanest materials possible.

  • Easy slip on and off belt, can be changed in minutes.
  • Tougher belts for longer wear.
  • Provides highest eddy current fields.
  • Double VFDs for optimizing relative belt speeds.



Remove or Recover Non-Ferrous Metals

Widely used within the recycling industry, Eddy Current Separators are designed to remove or recover non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, die-cast metal and copper from non-metallic material.

Magnet Expert’s range of eddy current separators are fully customisable and can be manufactured to your exact specifications including size, width, height, speed, depth, voltage, power supply, colour and more.



Industrial WasteAluminium Cans, Metallic Cans
Wood ScrapDemolition Waste
Waste to Energy (WTE)Glass Recycling
Electronic Scrap (WEEE)Auto Shredder Residue (ASR)
Plastics, Plastic Mix, PETMunicipal Solid Waste (MSW)



Eddy Current Separators work by repelling non-ferrous metals utilising magnetic force, enabling separation from non-conductive materials.

Materials are fed onto the conveyor belt of the Eddy Current Separator, which moves it across the magnetic rotor, this is where separation occurs. The magnetic rotor spins independently at a higher speed than the shell and belt.

When a non-ferrous metal passes over the separator, the magnets' rotor rotates past the metal at high speed, causing eddy currents to form. This results in a magnetic field of the same polarity as the rotating magnet to be created around the metal, which leads to the metal being repelled away from the magnet, separating the two material streams.



Vibration FeederDrum Separation
Collection/Discharge BoxAdjustable Rotor Position
Adjustable Rotor & Belt Speed3,000rm Standard Speed



Our Eddy Current Separators are fully customisable to meet your requirements, please contact our team today to discuss your specifications.

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