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If you are looking for plain magnets, you might find our shop by shape category useful. Looking for a specific magnetic assembly? Then you’re in the right place - we stock many different assemblies with various types of fixings, holes and specific properties.


High performance magnets combined with the convenience of self-adhesive. Great for craft-making and use around the house.

Hooks & eyebolts

Magnets with hooks and eyebolts for hanging and suspending items from steel walls or ceilings. Widely used for retail and point of sale displays.

Switchable release

Magnetic assemblies with switchable release are specially designed for lifting and moving ferrous items like steel sheets.

Countersunk holes

Magnets with countersunk holes are specially manufactured for fixing to walls and hanging various items. They are available with either pole on the countersunk face.

Counterbore holes

Magnets with a counterbore hole have a plain central hole which is recessed on one face for fixing in place.

Threaded holes

These magnets with a threaded hole can be fixed in place using a screw, bolt or threaded stud and are used for clamping to a steel surface.

Plain holes

For the simplest of fixing options, these magnets are all supplied with one or more pre-drilled plain holes.

Threaded studs

These pot magnets, designed to provide the maximum clamping force for their size are all supplied with a threaded stud for screwing in to position.

Rubber coatings

A rubber-coated magnet creates greater friction against the surface it is attached to and therefore is better for use in a shear position. A rubber-coating also prevents chipping and breaking.

Dry-wipe surface

Customise your office or classroom with these magnetically attachable whiteboards, sheets and labels - all supplied with a dry-wipe surface.

Coloured surface

Jazz up your noticeboard, magnetic labels and signage with this range of coloured magnetic tapes and sheets available in six striking colours.

High corrosion resistance

If you are looking for a magnet for outdoor use or for use in direct contact with water you need to choose one from this range, all with superior resistance to corrosion.

High temperature resistance

Not all magnets maintain their performance at elevated temperatures. Those in this category are all considered as high-temperature grades.

Strongest grade material

N52 grade neodymium magnets are the strongest type of magnets available to buy and that is all you will find in this range.